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    just for fun



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    just for fun

    Post by EternalToss on Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:19 am

    i thought i would post this for fun, its just a game of me solo in a game as the thing and it provides proof that the thing can win easily with inginuity and without transforming early on i did it easily only morphing to kill the last 2 people i think and what makes it more fun is Vicboy was one of those 2 =P and he thought it was brown! lol =P proof that even the creator cannot tell for sure without using admin commands to do so

    http ://drop.sc/269637

    Edit: i just added this in so u dun gotta find it

    48:14 [All] Vicboy: Alright
    48:23 [All] EternalToss: yea it was me
    48:25 [All] EternalToss: but u din knowe
    48:27 [All] Vicboy: LOL
    48:30 [All] Vicboy: I THOUGHT IT WAS BROWN
    48:32 [All] Vicboy: WTF

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