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    Released 0.278, 0.279 & 0.280 (Swarm 3.0 era)


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    Released 0.278, 0.279 & 0.280 (Swarm 3.0 era)

    Post by Vicboy

    Fixed backend code errors.
    Fixed Mission Timer from showing.
    Fixed EVAC ship suicide bug.
    Added song in loading screen.
    Redesigned the EVAC ship.
    Redesigned Liberty station.

    Added HotS and LotV dependencies.
    Added the VIP system.
    Updated Sahara Textures.
    Redesigned Aquilon Station.
    Removed multiple "Black Holes" from Ragnov.
    Fixed some pathing issues on Baguio.

    Added Perks for Marines.
    Fixed 2 hit kill for Thing.
    Fixed Consume killing Thing.

    A lot has happened in the past three updates of The Thing.

    The Patch 3.0 introduced new bugs which majority have been fixed.

    Most maps have been redesigned, even the EVAC ship.

    VIP system (aka banhammer) is now online.

    HotS assets are now being used which means better things to come.

    Finally, we finally got Perks for Marines!

    Hope you like the updates!
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    Post on Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:11 am by EpicxRage

    first off...holy sht hooooooly sht and i mean HOOOOOLY MUTHER FUKING SHT!!!!
    i saw dem perks and was like "HOOOOOLY SHT OOOMG!!! HOOOOLY SHT"
    damn i dont know what to say HOOOOOLY SHT....uhh sht damit i cant say anything uhh...umm lets see.....HOOOOOLY SHT.

    Ahem! alright i think HOOOOLY SHT! awww fk this...

    AHEM AHEM!!! alright well this is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guise worked on something incredible and it actually turned out to be incredible, more flexible and more cooperative. hell you guise willu, vic and probe (including whoever els) you guise deserve to be praised xD, i hope you guise get rich (even more richer then you are) xD but all seriousness this is EPIC! you guise should feel like a million bucks cus ik i do selecting them perks

    Post on Mon Oct 26, 2015 5:52 am by LostHope

    Perks <3

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